Winter Jacket

A collection of December sounds from Forest Management’s John Daniel, gliding through styles of ambient, electronic, minimal and Musique concrete.

Forest Management’s new LP “Encounter” will be out January 30th on Martinson Records.

Marc Namblard – “Chants Of Frozen Lakes” (Kalerne, 2008)
Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook – “Several Times II” (4AD, 1987)
Basic Channel – “Q1.2” (Basic Channel, 2014)
Velvet Glacier – “Lost Planet (Come With Me)” (Jeunesse Cosmique, 2014)
Sean McCann – “Break The Spell” (Ekhein, 2011)
Ssaliva – “Matta” (Leaving Records, 2014)
Theodore Schafer – “Untitled” (Self-released, 2014)
Michael Pollard – “Material Study 01 (Sand)” (Spectrum Spools, 2012)
David Tagg – “Orchids 2” (Second Sun Recordings, 2008)

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