A Certain Tide

Over a misty weekend in winter, composer Joel Pike aka Tiny Leaves, gathered a few of his favourite musicians deep in the Shropshire countryside. Together they laid down A Certain Tide, the anticipated second full length album from Tiny Leaves.

The album captures a special moment in time, recorded over a few hidden days. It was here that the tracks were played live for the first time and the resulting recording carries a hopeful, fresh and intimate sound. The album became a whole, threaded through piece by piece, making it play almost as one long song. Pike says “A Certain Tide explores the meeting of the sacred and the ordinary, it speaks of hope in the turbulence, tells of the dance of the beautiful within the simple.”

Building on the success of his debut album, he has created a work which feels much bigger in scope, size and feeling. From Pike’s minimal duets to fuller ensembles, A Certain Tide promises to engulf the listener in a deluge of heavenly song.

Release: 22nd June 2015


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