Coates + Mitchener

Oliver Coates, cellist sat in church or temple-like stone building

Cellist Oliver Coates and vocalist Elaine Mitchener will be performing live at Oxford’s OVADA arts space in a special concert presented by Oxford Contemporary Music on 1st June.

The evening will feature new works from Coates’ forthcoming release, promising a range of styles from industrial distorted sounds to traditional Gaelic melodies. John Boursnell reviewed Coates’ album “Towards The Blessed Islands” for these very pages a couple of years back and found much to like; classic cello pieces by other composers will also be performed (here’s hoping for a rendition of Crane’s Raimondas Rumsas, as heard on the aforementioned album).

Elaine Mitchener has worked with the likes of Goldie, Aphex Twin, Christian Marclay, and Steve Beresford, which should give some idea of the range of her talents. In Oxford she will present ‘Industrialising Intimacy’, a collaboration with choreographer Dam Van Huynh, composer George Lewis, and sound artist David Toop. All of the artists involved are as fascinating as they are well-respected, so this should be something quite special.

Date:Monday 1st June 2015
Time: 7.30pm
Location: OVADA, Oxford
Tickets: £14 / £10

For more information and to buy tickets, see Oxford Contemporary Music’s website:

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