Into the light

Twice Removed is proud to announce the release of Cétieu’s ‘Into the Light’ 7 inch lathe EP. ‘Into the Light’, the latest cétieu mini-album, was born out of the admiration for nature and exploration of infinity. All the musical knots are tied with a deeply personal spin, and imbued with the glowing undertone of bliss. By making it an improvised affair with no overdubs, the artist poured her soul straight onto the body of music, as if bypassing the mundanity of recording process.

The frail, skeletal, shimmering textures oozing a pastoral aura are anchored by subdued yet piercing piano sounds that seem to project multiple parallel versions of reality… Tekla Mrozowicka, a versatile purveyor of ambient (but she can drone, go into harsh noise mode and has a penchant for a good beat, too) has been extremely busy with keeping her stream of sounds at bay. Her main alias is Cétieu, which is an ambient-drone moniker of a multifaceted, ‘Técieu / Cétieu / Ectieu’ project, under which she has released over a thousand minutes worth of music. In doing so, she has also happened to generate quite a buzz by striking deals with record labels from around the globe.

Her efforts garnered her comparisons to Ian Hawgood, Hakobune, Steve Roach, Tim Hecker, Celer and Stephen Mathieu. However, it’s worth mentioning that not all of Tekla’s inspirations are musical. The textural approach with which she sculpts her sounds is an extension of her keen interest in painting and visual arts, that to her is as essential as the sonic constituents.

This release is a 3 track clear lathe 7” in a handmade sleeve in an edition of 40 numbered copies. The artwork is from Phil Gardelis [Zenjungle] with mastering by Wil Bolton.

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