diatribes UK tour

diatribes, artists stood in front of large green tropical ferns

Swiss duo diatribes, aka d’incise and Cyril Bondi, make a relatively rare trip across the Channel for three UK performances in June. The pair use electronics, percussion, and amplified objects to create tactile, absorbing, and often enigmatic sound occurrences. We recently reviewed a couple of their releases and liked them a lot, so to say we are looking forward to this tour is something of an understatement.


12/06/2015 SOUNDkitchen, VIVID Projects, Birmingham
with Manoli Moriarty + Frances Kay and Sarah Farmer

13/06/2015 Hundred Years Gallery, London
with John Macedo and Michael Speers

14/06/2015 Phoenix, Brighton
with Holly Jarvis + Ben Cummins and Paul Khimasia Morgan




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