What Were Tapes Tour

Stephen Cornford CRT, four CRT monitors displaying abstract patterns

Three artists renowned for their work with analogue electronics will be touring the UK later in June under the banner ‘What were Tapes’, presented by Consumer Waste and moreorlessthan. Jason Zeh hails from Bowling Green, Ohio, and his cassette compositions have been described as “noise plus” by Vital Weekly’s Frans de Waard. Todmorden’s Ben Gwilliam will be performing a new process work for frozen dictaphones, following on from his DVD release “Oxide” on Entr’acte. Artist and Consumer Waste co-curator Stephen Cornford will be taking a new piece for four CRT TV monitors out on the road for the first time. All the ingredients are there for a grand night of audio and audio-visual alchemy.


17/06: Bang the Bore @ Cafe Kino, Bristol:

18/06: Cafe Oto, London:

19/06: Westhill Hall, Brighton:

20/06: Fundevogel, Todmorden:






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