‘Analysis’ marks the debut release for Craün, a new alias of Greek-born, Sydney-based musician and sound designer Aris Hatzidakis. Broken down into 7 coalescing pieces, is an enveloping presentation of glacial ambient/drone compositions built upon field recordings taken in S ’ industrial and natural areas, that gently morph and swell with subtly hypnotic progressions, gorgeous details, and premier, immersive production.

Previously emerging in late 2013 as aris_h with the album ‘Dek’ (Womblabel Records), Hatzidakis blossoms as Craün with his mature, masterful debut, a cinematic, solitary, and contemplative sonic affair that was created entirely with headphones, both indoors and outdoors, and beautifully explores the unique spatial relationship between sound, nature, and architecture.

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