Music Truck

Music Truck, Sylvain Chauveau and Florent Garnier

I Will Play This Song Once Again is an innovative record label run by Florent Garnier and Sylvain Chauveau, and they continue to push the boundaries with their new project: the Music Truck, a listening station, concert venue, and record shop on wheels. In response to the decline of high street music retailers and independent live music venues, Garnier and Chauveau aim to offer an alternative, one that brings music to the people wherever they happen to be.

The pair have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help make their ambitious plans a reality. While they aren’t expecting online generosity alone to supply the budget — they hope to work together with innovative, open-minded festivals and other partners to help meet the full costs — they are relying on a strong wave of audience support to demonstrate the appeal of the project and that people think it’s cool. Which it undeniably is (it’s even going to be powered by climate-friendly solar power!).

Moveable music fans and drivetime listeners can help fund the project here:

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