Pleq & Giulio Aldinucci

The Prelude To

It has been well documented that in times of stormy weather, when we incorrectly but essentially, for some reason believe the whole world is against us, yet we show our true colours and go from purest silver linings to black overcast dogma, sometimes music or even a few words can help. Pleq and Giulio Aldinucci do this well. Their collaborative sound palette hankers the distress hackers and casts the whole preordained ordeal you may have had into a amniotic bath of cleansing strings and light field recordings.

You know (or maybe contrariwise), one of the reasons we forget functional records so much is because they are antecendent to expectations. It is easy to remember records we are critical about, as these pieces do not resonate in unilateral views. Whereas music that fits right in with us all the time – is to strike tribal flint upon a point of organics.

The album irons out the creases of sharp violin austerity measures that became 19th century classical music function as a role play device to debit effects like pizzicato and staccato in string arrangements. Across this album those nip and tuck polarisation are condensed down to size, yet the weight of the effort is a tale of pride in its side. But always, as ever, on its own terms. This is a remarkable feat in times of post-dialectical over wash.

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