Sylvain Chauveau

How To Live In Small Spaces

A suspended G chord, unsullied and ravenous in its yearning portent, preternaturally starts out a delicate and uneasy exchange of late night city walking music from Sylvian Chauveau…

This years perfectly lengthy 50 minutes plus of sombre and shapeshifting piano music utilises space and time as a caveat to alter like a gap between a potted ball and a snooker cue. It is not dominated contrary to darkness epoches by minor notes – it is more film noir through broken chord patterns and abstract fusion of augmented and suspended scales. As the first piece of ‘How To Live In Small Spaces’ expands, so does the temperature and tenacity towards your environment. So this can be seen as environmental music as much as it rejects the boundary constriction from form to function.

There is a lovely, Part-esque parting of suspension into a middle eight after around five minutes of build, before a revert back to squalid darkness cleansed through parting with possession. As Osho says, “love is not about possession; love is about appreciation” which could not be truer here. As you try to grasp onto the music in ‘Music To Live In Small Spaces’, it defeats the point – this is sound experienced best through abscess and not juncture.

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