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The time has finally come to see a long in the making project come to a full blossoming end. Miasmah head Erik Skodvin has spent the last two and a half years working together with Aaron Moore on this fully realised visual and musical representation of Volcano The Bear´s 20 years existence.

Many may not know much about this band, but it´s influence and unique musical sphere goes far in the world of Miasmah. Started in 1995, and releasing it´s earliest albums on Nurse With Wounds ”United Dairies”, VTB has through the last 20 years gone through amazing amounts of bizarre, unique and beautiful encounters of music that is bound to creep under your skin and stay there.

‘Commencing’ gathers over 4 hours of music, with each of the 64 tracks having a story behind it seen on the back cover of each record. The LPs are mixed together of vast amounts of unreleased music, lost tapes, alt-versions and more to present 5 stand-alone albums that flow as one. Accompanied to this comes a 50 page book of flyers, photos, stories and artwork by the band.

This all comes highly recommended for the ones who are interested in timeless challenging and rewarding music and for someone who´d like to have an item to come back to to discover something new with every listen. – Miasmah

Listening to the wealth of mainly unreleased and live material presented here, one’s mind boggles at the wonderful, extraordinary and frankly bizarre pallet these guys have to offer. They take us on a sure fire journey into some of the most healthy and unambiguous, crazed and deadly, astonishing and timeless music to push our pleasure buttons up to 13!” – Steven Stapleton, Cooloorta, May 25 2015

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