Sonic Close-Ups – Urbanfailure

Michal Lichy aka Urbanfailure is one of the founding members of Urbsounds Collective – a platform for experimental electronic music in Slovakia that started in 2001. They are from the post-communist DIY and punk generation that took initiative in their own hands and started organising experimental and noise gigs in their hometown – Bratislava. Urbanfailure’s rhythmical construction could provoke arrhythmia in the strongest heart. Sometimes a lo-fi techno trasher, sometimes an experienced rhythm deconstructor, his musical performance is a journey of self-organization.

Urbanfailure was performing at the London leg of the Next Festival at Cafe OTO on the 11th of November. The Next Festival in Bratislava will be kicking off on Wed 25th November with the premiere and launch of the composition from Martin Burlas – Hexeprozess.

Photo credit: Andrej Chudý

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