Exclusive track taken from the stunning new album ‘Cascadia’, released through Future Sequence. It’s an absolute killer release and definitely a late entry for our top albums of 2015. Well worth checking out!

…what impresses most is the diversity of her productions: She seems equally at home crafting crystalline, bell-toned sound sculptures, gently skittering IDM, or minor-key, orchestrations resembling an outback Arvo Pärt. – The Stranger

Madeleine Cocolas is an Australian born, Seattle based, classically trained composer, musician and sound designer. Her music has been used in short films (including the Adidas short film ‘Eiger Dreams’), and she has collaborated on numerous multidisciplinary projects and exhibitions with various artists including textile designer Monique Van Nieuwland (‘Ocean Forest’, 2015), choreographer Holly Cooper (‘Una Soma’ 2011) and choreographer Jiang Xue (‘White Glimpses’ 2007 & 2008).

During the years 2013 and 2014, Madeleine embarked on her critically acclaimed project ‘Fifty Two Weeks’, garnering positive reviews and feature articles on the official ‘SoundCloud Blog’, ‘I Care If You Listen’, ‘Gizmodo’ and ‘The Stranger’ as well as radio play including on KEXP (US), Second Inversion (US), Hollow Earth (US) and ZZZ (Australia).

Madeleine previously worked as a Music Supervisor, where she sourced and licensed music for a number of award winning Australian television programs, including the International Emmy-nominated shows ‘Please Like Me’ and ‘Dance Academy’.

Madeleine’s debut album ‘Cascadia’ will be released through Futuresequence in December 2015.


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