Great news! We can confirm on initial listening that the upcoming album by Paul Jebanasam is an absolute killer! Release date will be 05/02/16 available through Subtext Recordings…

Continuum emerges as a crystallised vision deploying sound to explore the spectrum of life, power and energy present in the universe.

Creating a speculative soundtrack to a timeline stretching from the primordial emergence of organic life through to the unknowable trajectory of the universe, it explores the magnitude of science’s reach and the precarious role of humanity within this vast evolving system. The compositions adopt the central premise of mirroring of celestial events, algorithmic action and cellular behaviour, fusing these with a defiant tonal grandeur and an ever-present sense of chaos.

The album sits at a meeting point of fiction, composition and philosophy, considering how the past, present and an unknown future could be consolidated and perceived on both human and non-human terms. Examining whether the conditions that support life and the digital and atomic mechanisms that surround it can continue to work together as one ecology in the face of dynamic and unpredictable change. – Subtext

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