Adventurous releases from Romania (2015)

Cosmin TRG – III

Cosmin Nicolae, better known as Cosmin TRG, is a Romanian electronic music producer and DJ, now based in Berlin, Germany. Cosmin is globally known for his ground-breaking dubstep and polar techno works that immersed many clubbers into the state of trance and complete bliss. (Secret Thirteen)

Raze De Soare – Albatros

Albatros is the debut LP by Raze De Soare on the brilliant Future Nuggets label. FN was constructed by a group of Romanian producers, diggers and musicians in their search for a local psychedelic scene informed by the past but made for the times to come. In the obscure zones of the outernational we mostly encounterd shadows of an industry that never fully expired yet never consistently existed. This scrutiny is thus taking place in a realm where reality is made out of fictions, out of fragments of rumors, built by names with no bodies. Sole reminders of a future that is coming together.

Mutlmult – Zig Zag 

MULTUMULT is a band based in Bucharest, Romania, whose objective is to produce music on stage, as a highly improvisational exercise.

Ascuns – Environments

Environments is Stefan Panea : music Alex Ghi : drums Marius Costache : noise. They’ve been making music since 2011. Ascuns is their fifth release and their first on dunk!records. Each song on the album is a slow dreamy soundscape where the listener can easily step into and wander around. Before you know you see yourself walking in some kind of weird experimental movie, not really knowing what’s going on. Just sit back, relax and look into their strange but fascinating worlds.”

Somnoroase Psrele – Gama

The followup to this Romanian duo’s brilliant ABECD on Baba Vanga, “GAMA” is an immersive, intuitive, cinematic suite. Recommended for headphones or robust speaker separation. Also stay tuned for a sort of companion album coming soon on Baba Vanga!

The Ghost of 3.13 – Don’t Look Back

The Ghost Of 3.13 is Costea Mihai hailing from Calarasi, Romania.

“Changing yourself for the better is a hard thing to do. Especially when you fell into a downward spiral.

You try not to look back, try to let go of the things of the past, which got you into this place, but nothing seems to change and in the end, you just end up in the same dark hole.”

Ion din Dorobani – Cântece de petrecere

Excerpts from a solid love affair! Timeless favorites culled and reinterpreted by Ion din Dorobani, one of our studious producers irreversibly contaminated by local-oriental. Original versions by Azur, Mariana ercu i Form?ia Condor din Craiova, Adi Minune, Alex Putiu.

Delusion Man – Phaser Train

Delusion Men were here before time started to flow and it seems they will stretch out their existence way beyond doomsday; which probably explains their archaic impulses reverberating in a foggy, lost future. What they deliver are pieces of straightforward punk plunged into disco depths, kraut derailment and swirling drum machine melancholia. If you are looking for retro-future dystopias with no space for healthy minded horizons, this is the thing for you. Delusion Men walked together since the inception of Future Nuggets, although for them the time will never come, we snatched their debut EP. It feels as if through them ” the Old Ones” are channeling the last messages of hopelessness for dance floors and dining rooms.

Romansoff – Overdose Alert

Smoking house jamz from Bucharest’s best kept secret. He made his introduction already with the powerful Raw Tools series and we’re now happy to announce his debut on Bitter Moon with this amazing four tracker. Future classic!

Mihai Salajan – Live

A 30 minute piece for the ToBo Continued live marathon from 24th of March 2015 from Mihai Salajan the artist formerly known as Mimi / Artur Ditu / selfmademusic / NOcomics / Lemmy Caution / ink / Indigo_206 / John Terp and part of: Planetneukoln.tv, Trei Pastori, Chemical Compound, Seventh Kind, Biserika, Kinema Ikon and Sefeu Comics Corporation Supreme.

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