That’s all folks!

The previous 10+ post from France was the last in the series. There are many countries I would loved to have covered, especially extra European ones. It’s not always easy to source adventurous music from places with no real developed experimental scene as such, and no support structure for artists in terms of venues, festivals, labels, websites, etc. Also, apologies to all those artists I left out. And thanks to Andrej Chudy for triggering it all.

As a way of ‘ringing off, I thought I’d leave you with 10 dialing and ringing tones recently uploaded by the excellent Europeana website…

And here’s the +1. Back in 2015, Scanner was commissioned a series of ringtones for a new telephone. As he explains, “after some months of back ‘n forth all my sound work was rejected for being ‘too Scanner.’ Rather than let these rot on a hard drive, here they are all in mono, low resolution for your own delight. Playful, fun little tunes to brighten up your smart phone”

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