Adventurous Releases from Ukraine


Anton Baibakov is a composer with many notable soundtracks to his name. In 2015 he created an original score for The Eleventh Year, the 1928 silent


Microsconn – La matrice performative

La matrice performative is a 13-part piece by microsconn, performed and recorded live november 16th 2014 and released on bandcamp as a free download in 2015 the piece is meant to be perceived as a conversation between machine and human performer, both bound by a strict system of rules.

The possibility of aesthetic value is what la matrice performative explores in this conversation. All input is continuously generated by pure data patch in a form of midi notes, which are then sent to a preprogrammed korg ms-20 mini synthesizer.
8 parameters of the synthesizer patch are then changed every 60 (in some cases — every 30) seconds, one parameter at a time. change order is decided by the performer.

All 13 parts of the piece with corresponding changes in patch parameters are represented in a color-coded image above, from top to bottom. color pairs on the left correspond to the number of the fragment (01, 02, 03,…,13). colors on the right represent the state of 8 parameters of the patch as follows:

light gray — parameter state 0
dark gray — parameter state 1
black — parameter state 2


Lubomyr Melnyk – Rivers and Streams

Ukrainian pianist Lubomyr Melnyk has often felt that his unique Continuous Music playing is akin to water – flowing and ever connected. As he further developed his technique, and the more the notes flowed, the closer to water he felt. “I found my hands and arms and everything inside them changing from normal muscle and flesh to well… water.”

With his latest album, ‘Rivers and Streams’, Lubomyr focuses deeply on this connection to water, to the point where the music itself begins to embody its liquid form. Produced by Robert Raths and Jamie Perera, the album flows seamlessly from the live recordings of ‘The Pool of Memories’, captured in a church, to pieces entirely born in the studio, such as ‘Sunshimmers’ and ‘Ripples in a Water Scene’, which feature Perera on acoustic and electric guitar.

Amorphous, ever-changing, Lubomyr as performer becomes subsumed into the natural ebb and flow of the keys as the album drifts between nascent upstream trickles and deeply reflective passages through winding river valleys. The album reaches its climax in ‘The Amazon’, a 20-minute piece dedicated to the world’s largest river. Raths invited Korean flautist Hyelim Kim to guest on the first part, before Lubomyr closes the album with cascades of arpeggio figures, stretching across the breadth of the keyboard with rapid virtuosity.

Musique Concrete…

Nikolaienko – The Sounds of Pseudoscience

Graphical Recordings and Muscut have teamed up to co-publish Nikolaienko’s “The Sounds of Pseudoscience” (12″, LP). Nikolaienko’s upcoming full length is a playful and intriguing archive of sounds influenced by the works of electronic music pioneers and experimenters. The album acts as a tribute to early-electronics’ golden era, playing out as a requiem, pondering the theme of nostalgia through warm analogue, space-aged sounds. For the artist, it’s an odd and ironically funny sound document, which he hopes declares some other way that electronic music can be today. Watch for it this June.


Moonshine Blues – Through / Out

“Through / Out” is a tape release by Moonshine Blues for Grains of Rains of Sand Records, released in 2015. It unites two EP’s, “Through”, originally released in 2012 digitally via Hidden Vibes, and “Out”, a brand new EP, recorded specially on the occasion of this release. “Out” includes samples by Amandus Schaap, Kristijan Petreski and Jose Acuna. Moonshine Blues aka Oleksiy Sakevych, also released one of the most widely acclaimed ambient albums of 2015 Her Name in a Language of Stars under his more famous alter ego, Endless Melancholy.


Kotra – Rozviy

Raw and dirty bass and noise recording. Hiss, dust and overloads. Analogue tube overheated songs of rich distortion.


Andrey Kiritchenko – Enough Heaven

With “Enough Heaven” Kiritchenko continues with the direction of where he went with “Chrysalis” album, that was also released on Nexsound. Here, sound of acoustic instruments and electronics flow into one another, collaborate and argue with each other, resist in the sonic space. This release definitely influenced by the repetitive minimalism, however static elements are difficult to be found here. With the composition that changes it’s mood as the music flows, Kiritchenko creates this cinematic, imaginary feeling that is always there in his music.


Ujif_notfound – [pre] [code]

Algorithmic psychedelia from grandmaster of Max/MSP madness Ujif_notfound aka Georgiy Potopalskiy. Digital audio hallucinating experience of extremely complex and at the same time gently simple sound forms. It is not just a music album, it’s a state of consciousness of radical deep experiments. A tool which will guide listener to a new sonic involvement. Unsafe and insecure music where balance and chaos collide.


Heinali – A Wave Crushes

Heinali is a project by a music composer and a sound artist from Ukraine, Oleg Shpudeiko. Oleg is a self-taught artist, who started to compose in 2003 and even though his music style can be defined as stylistically eclectic, many of his compositions are electroacoustic and often incorporate sound processing methods and techniques. He became a part of Solama art group and started to compose music for installations and performances.

Heinali’s live shows usually feature free electroacoustic improvisations. Oleg also works as a music composer, writing music for films, games and other media.

The upcoming album by Heinali, “A Wave Crashes” consists of material recorded during electroacoustic studio improvisations incorporating analogue synthesizers and analogue and digital sound processing. It’s a kind of a sound sculpture of a certain moment almost frozen in time, letting you experience it from the different angles of space.

Dark Cinematic…

Garmadh Fungus – Hidden by the Leaves

This is our seventh album. And it is dedicated to works that in different periods of our lives greatly influenced our world-view and way of life, opened up new horizons and provided food for thought. It is fiction, historical, philosophical, esoteric and sometimes even mystical literature.

Field Recordings…

Anton Lapov – Procession

Procession is an exercise in exploration of spatial-political relations realized within the context of the 4th Moscow Summer Curatorial School, July 2015. A performance made of field recordings, photo, video and text.?

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