Adventurous music from Bulgaria (2015)

MyTrip – Empty

MyTrip is Angel Simitchiev, a dark ambient / drone project from Bulgaria scattering its music since 2005. Released its first first full-length on tape in 2011. Mytrip is also related to few side projects – mother spit, zev died orchestra, Emerging Patterns and Leaver. Empty is a 7” “All done at night. All in a breath.”

Saint Null – The Sound of Non-existent Machines

Saint Null is a Bulgarian sound artist on the noise/ambient divide, conjuring up textures between meditative bliss and metropolitan noise pollution. In his debut release on Mahorka “The Sound of Non-existent Machines” the space is vast, and mostly cold. There is motion and activity at many levels, at all times, things vibrate at different rates, at times everything decays into (not so) white noise. Whatever the machines are, they occasionally operate in harmony. It’s also likely that for a brief time the operators of the machines reveal themselves.

Cooh – Face Your Fears

Cooh is Ivan Shopov, born and raised as the son of a painter in the mountain city of Troyan, Bulgaria. Shopov started playing bass guitar in a hardcore-metal band when at 16 and got involved with creating electronic music at the age of 18. He has more than 60 vinyl and more than 20 CD releases under his belt. “Kill Your Enemies” is a fast-paced structure of tracks, developed to transmit that sort of dark and uncomfortable feelings you always look for.

The Third Man – Monochrome Fantasies – Chapter I

The Third Man is a three way collab between Anton and Ivan Litovchenko (Mloski & Litheo) and Ivan Shopov (COOH, Balkansky).

Imagine the four corners of a room. You step ahead and there is the warm embrace of gentle, mostly piano-based melodies, living in vast ambient soundscapes. They feel like home and a journey in the same time. Surely they can take you everywhere, but not before you look on your right where you’ll find thick basslines hosting abstract beats, placed somewhere between dub and IDM. Then it comes the delicate sound design and sonic decorations inhabiting the space between frequencies. Field recordings, glitched human voices and micro textures – it’s all like a living nest of sounds. Imagine that room again. You know it wouldn’t exist without you, right? So sit on the floor, and go deep – in Monochrome Fantasies Chapter I.

Krallar – Dying is an Art

Setting of Sylvia Plath’s poems against a backdrop of dark ambient drones. Warning! Listening to Krallar is tiring and may cause extreme psychological strain.

Big Tiger – Ethernal

The feline Bulgarian duo’s long awaited third musical publication “Ethernal” consists of 2 complementary sonic compositions and will be released as a free download on the 1st of March as a collective effort of WTF is SWAG and Myth-O-Lodge labels. A cunning play on words, the name of the release clearly suggests that the two musical pieces are perhaps an effort to provide the listener with a glimpse of that which is beyond matter, and time. The rest we would like to leave to the music itself.

Kanz – The Sea of Uncertainty

Out on the techno Komponenti label, who also organize Komponenti events once a month at Jules Verne (Sofia, Bulgaria).

Puma & The Dolphin – Small Things

This 8 track tape is just flowing with marry playful melodies, deep harmonies and danceable banging beatwork. Hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria this release hardy follows a template or a certain influence and cannot be held down by any genre constrains. Puma & The Dolphin`s visual and sound craft is a small dreamland of its own.

Evitceles – Immature

Underwater escapism from the elusive Evticeles who released three EPs over 2015.

M. H. Turnusowscy – Bugarskie Wakacje

“Bugarskie Wakacje is an album of field recordings recorded with Olympus LS-10 in various seaside resorts in the Sunny Beach in the east of Bulgaria during the holiday of Polish BDTA label boss Micha Turowski and Hanna Sabat. Sunny Beach is dubbed the “European Las Vegas”, which already is rather telling. Amusement parks, musicians on the seaside promenade, hotel animators, seagulls, a melange of oriental sounds and trashy dance music, shops and stores, chatter, the hypnotising waves of the sea. (Easterndaze)”

V/A – Kontingenti 1

[KREX012] KONTINGENT I is the first compilation of Bulgarian DIY label Kontingent Records. Ambient/noise/drone/experimental artists from Sweden, Turkey, Belgium, France, USA, Poland, Netherlands, Denmark, Bulgaria and the UK. This compilation is available for free download. However you can support Kontingent Records via free donation/paid download. All funds go to future physical releases (CD-R and tapes).

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