Adventurous releases from Colombia (2015)

Miguel Isaza – Tempiternidad

Tempiternidad (tempiternity) is a concept by philosopher Raimon Panikkar in which temporality and eternity are one, reflecting a notion of time but also a state of being, a path of plenitude towards the present moment in which everyday things and environments manifest eternity.

This work finds its main inspiration in the “tempiternal” aspect of sound and listening, evident in the sonic inter-connections happening over time states and scales but also in how temporal events are expressed through the sonic environment as such, from the quick microforms to apparently large networks. This results in a quest interested not only on how the sonic continuum evolves over time, but also how time itself is expressed through sound, valuing the relationship and rupture of time as a way of composing and listening.

Created with a laptop and a handheld recorder between April and June 2015 in the mountains of Antioquia, Colombia. Based on field recordings of various local places, found objects and some instruments such as flute and harmonica.

Romperayo – ST

Psychedelic cumbia discharges from Bogota, Colombia.

Romperayo reunites percussion heavyweights Pedro Ojeda from projects such as Los Pirañas, Frente Cumbiero, Ondatrópica and Chupame El Dedo (also on discrepant), on drums, percussion and timbales; Eblis Alvarez from worldwide acclaimed bands Meridian Brothers and Los Pirañas, on samplers and synths; Ricardo Gallo, virtuoso organist and pianist on synthesizers and Juan Manuel Toro, renowned bassist and composer, on bass.

As a sound Romperayo is a fast moving musical journey through Colombian tropical folklore, a mischievous and modern interpretation of the up-tempo rhythms of “Descarga” and the psychedelic sounds of ’70s cumbia. By cleverly incorporating urban sounds and sampling techniques into the tropical music of the past decades, Romperayo embodies Colombia’s modern folklore scene.

Ricardo Delgado Franco – Night

On his excellent bandcamp page, Ricardo Delgado has uploaded a series of sound pieces ranging from filed recordings from the Tolima snow mountain to a recording of a medicinal session of the Cofan’s Shaman Guillermo Lucitante in the Colombian Amazonia, Indigenous Resguard Santa Rosa de Sucumbios. Eight field recordings with sounds and atmospheres of the deep Putamayo.

David Escallón – Invisibles

Objects inside commonly inhabited space which use to be invisible, appear as sonic.

Created in 2015 by Colombian artist David Escallón, who was also behind éter04 and now returns with more intricate atmospheres. Invisibles was recorded and composed in Medellín, Colombia, using field recordings and digital processing techniques. Final release was mastered by Éter.

Lucrecia Dalt – Ou

Along the arc of Dalt’s music, beyond what steers her so allusively away from self-repetition, there is an undefinable forward inertia. What can explain, for instance, the near absence of her voice. Is it personal interest, renunciation, an embrace? Is she driven by a backdrop of conceptualism, or is this a lyrical wandering?

Therap – Fragments

Fragments is the debut from Therap aka Daniel Mora, out on the Medellin based label Monofonicos funded in 2008 by Douglas Urrea and Miguel Isaza.

David Velez – Tuneles

Reflections on the city and the forest. Commissioned by the sonic art festival Tsonami. Field recordings taken with binaural microphones in Lower Manhattan (NYC) and in the Quedraba La Vieja wood (Bogotá).

Ruido Selecto – Secret Lab

Monofónicos Netlabel presenta la propuesta musical de Juan Esteban Herrera con su proyecto llamado Ruido Selecto, con un increíble lanzamiento llamado ‘Secret Lab’.

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