Call for audiograft 2016
Commission Proposals

OCM and SARU are seeking proposals for a new commission for the 2016 audiograft festival…

We are now accepting proposals for the creation of new work with a deadline of noon on Mon 18th January. Please submit your proposal to info@ocmevents.org. Please read the guidance below before submitting your proposal.


Proposals should include a description of the new work (which can include images and sound files).

A budget for any materials and / or performers must be included in the proposal.

Please also include a short biography of your past work including images, sound files and/or links where available.

Proposals should be no more than (but can be less than) two pages of text in total, plus images and budget.

The work:

The proposal must be for new work.

The work can be either a performance or installation, or both, and can be presented either indoors or outdoors.

We encourage submissions for work that actively considers the audience experience, for example by being interactive, playful, immersive or by engaging them in alternative ways. Please describe how your work does this within your submission.

Please indicate the ideal type of venue or space for your piece / performance, how you intend to present the work at audiograft, and whether you would require any practical help in doing so.

The artists:

Artists must be UK residents and must be available between 7th-13th March 2016 for the festival and for time in advance to prepare for the festival.

Solo artists, duos, and groups can all apply.


OCM has up to £1,500 to award either for one commission or to split between two commissions. The money awarded should cover artist fees to create the work, technical support, production costs, materials and fabrication costs, travel costs, relevant insurances, and any other costs incurred to create and present the work (all inclusive of VAT).

The delivery deadline for the commission is Wednesday 24th February 2016.

Audiograft is an annual festival of contemporary experimental music and sound art curated by the Sonic Art Research Unit (SARU) at Oxford Brookes University. The festival aims to engage the widest possible audience from Oxford and beyond with the challenging contemporary practices that are the focus of the Research Unit.

OCM co-promotes audiograft, and for the rest of the year presents and produces its own live contemporary music and sound based events in Oxford and beyond. OCM aims to bring artists and their inspiring new work together with audiences and we like to support work that explores inventive and innovative audience experiences.

Proposal Deadline: noon Mon 18th January 2016

OCM and SARU will select a proposal to commission by Monday 25th January.

OCM | 01865 484777 | info@ocmevents.org | www.ocmevents.org

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