Call for sound designers

and musicians

The international call SoundTales moves from JES!&Co. project and is addressed to sound designers and musicians for the creation of a soundscape composition, an electroacoustic musical composition, originating from sound recordings made in factory environments.

On the 26st of January 2016 sounds from Gagliardini srl company’s carpentry and hardware departments (Marche, Italy) were recorded. These tracks are stored in the archive-folder to download online. Participants to the call can download this folder containing the recorded audio files and create their own soundscape composition.

The best track, selected at the incontestable discretion of the jury composed by Gianmarco Del Re, Matteo Meda, Alessio Ballerini, Sabrina Maggiori and Michela Aquili (judges biographies in the pdf attached call) will be awarded with a cultural recognition amounting to 250 €.

SoundTales is a project promoting the entrepreneurial fabric through sound.

ST connects artists and businesses in order to fulfill the need companies feel for storytelling and innovation, safeguarding the peculiarities of artistic research in the realization of promotional creations. ST is a project by Alessio Ballerini in partnership with Sineglossa Creative Ground.

How to participate…

The soundscape composition, an electro acoustic musical composition, will have to be created by mixing the downloaded audio tracks with sections from original instruments, such as piano, guitar, synthesizer ecc, or just by editing and re-elaborating the pre-existing audio sample.

The audio tracks (stereo wav/aiff 44.1 khz 16 bit), including author’s name and the possible background concept, will have to be sent via WeTransfer to the following address:

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