Well Hidden


Some labels mange to develop a striking identifiable identity with such apparent ease in a relatively short space of time, to make one forget all the hard graft that’s behind such ventures. The Budapest based imprint Farbwechsel launched at the tail end of 2012 with their first release by S Olbricht, the celebrated Hungarian techno producer. Availing themselves of the services of talented graphic designers such as Daniel Jani (Studio Hopt) and more recently studio hEY-RES! helped to gel the different artists into a coherent force.

Farbwechsel recently released their January V/A compilation, in what has become a welcome habit, bringing together a solid showcase of the label’s roster with new and returning artists. As well as featuring two hypnotic tracks by Alpár aka Bálint Zalkai, analogue experimental and house producer and co-founder of the label, this second Well Hidden release introduces new names such as Mike Nylons, a producer focusing on cold-hearted, peak time killers. While the focus is on home grown talent (12z, A i w A, Kokum, Szo…), Farbwechsel seems to have cast their net wider, as their first release of 2016, Tell Me Lies, by James Booth, seems to testify.

Well Hidden – V/A is out now on Farbwechsel.

Tell Me Lies by James Booth and Wetland by Mike Nylons were released on the 1st and the 18th of January respectively.


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