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Stefano Guzzetti (with the ensemble of Christoph Berg, Danny Norbury, and Patricia Ramirez Reinoso)

Christoph Berg

Danny Norbury Ian Hawgood

(Live at St. John on Bethnal Green, London on March 5th, 2016)

On March the 5th, Home Normal will be hosting a wonderful night of music at the beautiful St. John on Bethnal Green. This time we are flying over the Sardinian composer Stefano Guzzetti to perform a unique one-off show with the talented ensemble of Danny Norbury, Christoph Berg, and Patricia Ramirez Reinoso. On the night we will also have a solo set from the highly-regarded German composer Christoph Berg, whilst the cellist Danny Norbury will be joined by Home Normal curator Ian Hawgood.

The whole event will be recorded for release by Ian Hawgood and Ed Hamilton, and is due to be attended by many wonderful label and artist friends from all over Europe. Tickets are £10 advanced and on the door, with pre-order tickets offering early 7pm entrance and a CD of exclusive material by the artists performing on the night.


Stefano Guzzetti is one of the leading lights in the Italian post-classical movement today. Despite hailing from Sardinia, with releases on Home Normal and Inpartmaint, his work has proved especially popular in Japan, with his first Japan tour to follow-on from his performance at St. John’s. This will be only the second show by Stefano in the UK, after his celebrated performance at Cafe Oto as part of the Home Normalism festival in 2013.

Most recently, Stefano has released on his own Stella Recordings imprint, with vinyl releases on the highly regarded Brooklyn Bridge Records. He recently signed a publishing contract with the legendary Mute Song, and his work has expanded to the extent that he is now one of the most in-demand composers on the independent music scene, with streaming numbers in the last year alone reaching millions. His newest work ‘Leaf’ will be released in March through all of the above labels in a variety of formats.

Christoph Berg is a highly-celebrated composer from Berlin. Christoph is well known for his Field Rotation moniker, and has released internationally praised work on great labels such as Fluid Audio, Facture, Hibernate, and most recently his incredible ‘Fatalist: The Repetition of History’ on the Denovali label. This is a very rare chance to catch Christoph on these shores, as he plays in the perfect venue for his chamber music both as part of Stefano’s ensemble and a solo set.

Danny Norbury is of course very well known to followers of Home Normal, with appearances on a multitude of Home Normal releases, as well as being a regular performer at our events. He has released on labels such Lacies, Ono, Static Caravan, Flau, and is due to release both a solo album and collaborative work with Ian Hawgood on Home Normal in 2017. He is a member of the Black Elk Quartet with Ian Hawgood, Tim Martin, and Clem Leek, as well as being a member of The Boats, Le Lendemain, and Kinder Scout.

Ian Hawgood is the curator of Home Normal, and has spent the best part of nearly twenty years as a composer and producer of music for a variety of media and performance spaces. He is a member of the Black Elk Quartet, Kinder Scout, Wraith vs Wrath, Lost Lanterns, Tiny Isles, Ghosts In The Alleys, and many other collaborative monikers. After releasing on a number of great labels over the years, he has finally set-up his entire musical work under his Folk Reels guise as a reference for the work he has produced over the years. He is also well known for his Koen Park moniker of electronic music, as well as being an established sound engineer and analog instrument collector, fixer and builder with his own series of commissioned works.

Patricia Ramirez Reinoso is a viola player living in London. She was part of the 2011 Southbank Sinfonia and regularly performs with a variety of different people within different genres of music. We are really looking forward to Patricia’s unique talents being a part of the Stefano Guzzetti ensemble on March 5th at St. John’s on Bethnal Green.

Ticket info…

Below please find links to pre-order tickets for the show. All pre-order tickets come with a six track CD featuring exclusive work by each of the artists, which will be handed out upon entrance. Doors for pre-order ticket holders open at 7pm, 7:30pm for on the door tickets, with music starting at 8pm.

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Thank you and hope to see you at the show. – Home Normal

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