Cello & Laptop

State of Transilience

Here’s a great live performance taken from the recent Cello & Laptop album ‘Transient Accidents‘. Physical copies sold out at the pre-order stage via the label mailing list. The good news is it’s now available in digital format, including audio, 20 x high resolution images and PDF info sheet.

Available here

A looping series of granular iterations and developmental breakthroughs, ‘Transient Accidents’ explores the idea of minor structural impacts triggering major changes on a process of work – the leap that lead to bigger things.

Examining the concept through trademark elaborate packaging, Fluid Audio explore wood as a motif for growth using hand crafted letterpressed CDs, 5 x double sided photo prints, vintage clothbound maps, wood cuttings and incense. All hand numbered/tagged and sealed in stitched waxed bags.

Cello+Laptop is a Spanish-born experimental ensemble merging the talents of cellist Sara Galán with sound designer Edu Comelles. Their accomplished dialogue crosses the intersected lines of art and improvisation, from live performances at Barcelona’s Sonar festival to recorded works released on Audiotalaia, Envelope Collective and Unknown Tone.

All tracks produced, mixed and arranged by Sara Galán and Edu Comelles.
Mastered by Jaume Muntsant.
Sara Galán: Cello and piano.
Edu Comelles: Field Recordings and Cello Samples.

Album recorded during the first weeks of August 2015 at Espai Rambleta in Valencia, Eastern Spain.
Film recorded on a roof of Valencia, end of 2015 by merisma.net


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