Imaginary Forces


Power electronics can take many forms. Whether it be altruism possibilities with musique concrete to economical techno, the palette can be diverse as it is beguiling, almost bewildering at times when placed on a noise barometer. This new music release from Imaginary Forces hits high in critical weight.

One of the first impress into your hemisphere is thinking: “heck, drums sure got fire” : or something like that. The beats of ‘Preternatural’ are restless, like termites crawling over gently incinerating lava. On second track, ‘Enlightenment’, a line plumbs straight through techno precision maestro Surgeon and more subordinate formulations of noise Diamond Catalog.

There’s absolutely no cloying. Phrases intensely mark their presence in the non-modal relationship with resolution. The first note of an imaginary force would seem primitively tribal, eating acid house remnants with ascorbic contorted out of shape by step sequencers, low pass filters shifting the pulse of atoms like ice cubes scorching at high Fahrenheit. Recommended!

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