Stephan Mathieu

Stephan Mathieu - Radiance, old etching of Renaissance scholar with black wheel


Not content with dropping the four-and-a-half-hour masterpiece “Nachtstücke” on us just over a year ago, electroacoustic legend Stephan Mathieu is now fundraising for an even more expansive project: “Radiance”, a work comprising one album release a month over the course of a year. Collaborations with sound artist France Jobin and lutenist Peter Söderberg, pieces for Renaissance instruments, Farsifa organ, and mechanical-acoustic gramophones, and commissions dedicated to composers Earle Brown and Morton Feldman will all feature in what must surely be the most ambitious and conceptually rich event in experimental music this year.

Designed by Caro Mikalef, the project is available for pre-order/subscription on Kickstarter as a deluxe 12CD boxset, with CDs shipped throughout the year, or as a series of downloads. The campaign met its target in the first couple of days, but there’s still time to bag an awful lot of great music at a quite frankly ridiculously low price (less than £4 per album for the download edition, or £6.50 per CD!), with bonus warm fuzzies for helping Stephan and Caro to eat while they bring the project to fruition. Prices once the Kickstarter campaign ends on 2 April will be quite a bit higher. Here’s the link:

Radiance Kickstarter campaign

Stephan Mathieu

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