The Dope Tape

Drum & Bass… You love it or you hate it right? Well for years we lived it, breathed it, embraced it, loved it. Long before the days of Fluid Radio, we transmitted out of the tower blocks of Bow, East London. Liquid frequencies flowed across the pirate airwaves. It was a way of life, 24/7. Police helicopters, transmitters, DTI… Always trying to stay one step ahead. For various reasons we fell out of love with D&B: Production values, club culture, musical styles, life changes, many many reasons for stepping away. However the liquid beats never leave the soul and from time to time we tap in, checking directions, exploring where the beats are flowing. New artists, labels and promoters rise and fall. One artist we have been following closely for a long time is Lenzman… Producer, DJ, free thinker and connoisseur of rhythmical patterns. ‘The Dope Tape’ mix perfectly captures everything we loved about the scene. A worthy listen!

Lenzman teams up with his partner in crime and homeboy for life: MC Dan Stezo. Travelling back again to their high school days invoking the spirit of Golden Age Hip Hop with 90’s mixtape aesthetics. One MC, one DJ, 70 minutes of Soulful Drum & Bass music. This is The Dope Tape.

Download mix here

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