Alex Kozobolis

“Weightless” is an EP of intricate original piano compositions by UK artist Alex Kozobolis. With a series of solo releases over the past few years and collaborations with artists such as Lee Chapman, Harry Edwards, and Anna Rose Carter, “Weightless” represents Alex’s unique approach to composition and melody.

His touch on the piano is light and fluid; moving between dense sustained runs, which evaporate as soon as they are heard, to spaciously plotted notes. “Weightless” is the sound of weight itself lifting, of the earthly effect of gravity removed and allowing the listener to be suspended within mid-air, uninterrupted by pressures and restrains of the physical world. Coursing with energy, and running to take flight.

Each of the four tracks have been remixed by Siavash Amini, Tom Adams, Transept and Hedia, with very different, but cohesive results, expanding the tone of the EP into new areas. If this sounds up your street, you can help make the release of the EP happen by supporting the Indiegogo campaign:



Alex Kozobolis


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