Antonymes - Delicate Power (In The Hands of Others), artist wearing black suit and bowler hat photographed against a darkly lit mattress, eyes closed

Delicate Power (In The Hands of Others)

“Delicate Power” is the second single to be taken from Antonymes’ “(For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly”, and the release features the original album version plus five new re-workings. Marconi Union tease the original into a beautifully orchestrated anti-gravity ballad. Markus Mehr’s inimitable skills for reinvention have helped him to create a brooding version that draws heavily on the original’s rhythmic details. Lvmark’s reinterpretation foregrounds the melodic elements of the original, wedded to gently pulsing electronica. Alongside these three guest remixes, there are two reworkings from Antonymes himself: ‘Delicate Power (Waltz For Mary Anne)’ transforms the original into a beautiful, elegant waltz, and ‘Delicate Power (Jung’s Drug Drum Waltz)’ lives up to the promise of its title with more heft to its woody rhythms.

“Delicate Power (In The Hands of Others)” will see release via Hidden Shoal on 31st of May 2016.




Hidden Shoal

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