for-Wards: City-Wide

For-Wards PledgeMusic campaign, two people recording in a green field with blue sky

We previously reported on for-Wards, a project to map and respond to the sounds of the city of Birmingham, UK, as it took its first tentative steps with compositions inspired by three of the city’s wards. A PledgeMusic campaign has now been launched to help these roots spread and grow, with the aim of producing a further ten compositions across various genres of music, each reflecting the unique Birmingham communities in which the composers live.

Field recording is at the heart of the project, leading to some some rather cool goodies up for grabs: as well as a vinyl album of Birmingham sounds, backers can also participate in a field recording session led by Ian Rawes of London Sound Survey, or claim one of 10 disposable cameras filled with photos from field recording sessions across the city, among many other items.

This is a great opportunity to support an exciting community-rooted sound project and get yourself something nice in the process!

for-Wards PledgeMusic campaign

for-Wards website

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