Kösmonaut – Master Generator

All profit from this release will go to the Creston J. Walker Foundation, which is the local Children With Cancer support group that initially helped Patrick and his family…

TRS064 will only be available in a limited edition, uniquely hand made version of 100 copies! This is our first release that will come mailed directly to your door rather than in a box or a padded envelope. Each of the appropriately and intensely themed beauties comes packaged in a large, sewn x-ray envelope. As though it were a package sent from the hospital itself, each comes with pockets holding the factory pressed disc in a chemotherapy bag, an additional 3″ mini CDr of five, “Songs For Healing” in it’s own windowed envelope, a tiny pill envelope containing a broken and heart stamped child shaped tongue depressor, a vintage x-ray, various hand printed explanatory inserts with attached microscopic slide blow ups, all of this hand stamped and modified with the usual over-the-top hand made care that TRS always puts into it’s packaging for the beautiful music that we release – TRS

4/30/16: Master Generator Forward:

The day was November 1st, 2015 just after Halloween and a creepy hazy day. Still high from the previous night’s sugar conquests, I took my two beautiful daughters, 4-year old Zuri and 8-year old Sevigny on a walk around the neighborhood.

The area we lived in at the time was very hilly, so we had to trek hardcore style in the perfectly manicured suburban jungle that is Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

After just a few minutes walking on an incline, I noticed something wrong with Sevi: she was extremely pale and hyperventilating. We took a break and after a few minutes, she insisted she was fine, but I knew something was wrong.

We finished the walk, my wife and I talked, and the next day Sevi was seen by her pediatrician. After labs confirmed she was severely anemic, that same night I took Sevi to get admitted for further testing. On the way to the hospital, I vividly remember having this intense sense of dread, almost predicting the future.

The following day she was officially diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (B-ALL). The news was immediate devastation which lead to a meltdown of reality, like your soul immediately weighed a hundred pounds but your legs were lifeless.

Seven months after countless consults, procedures, and medications, Sevigny is on the path to full recovery. She is responding to treatment and is just happy to be a 9-year old kid.

But the daily dregs of doom that occur in the mental synapses of the parents, that slowly chip away at your humanity, your soul, and your love for one another and the universe, are ever present and loom ominously in the current reality.

To break from this bullshit cycle and to head toward a positive spectrum, I turned to music. It’s really the only language that I can communicate in; meditational pulse drones propagate healing wave forms. The result is Master Generator and Songs for Healing; both complement each other but neither is required to understand the experience. A part of my soul exists in the sonic spurts that bleed from these albums, a confessional to being a human being, susceptible to the madness of cancer. I hope you enjoy this journey surveying our primordial, human nature.

This album is dedicated to my beautiful daughter, Sevigny Aislin Pärk, who is the strongest person I have ever known, however it’s also dedicated to anyone and everyone that has had to deal with the emotional torture that is cancer.

With Love,

Patrick R. Pärk

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