Mouse / Kervinen – [2×10]

[2X10] is the second collaboration between UK minimal and experimental artists Precocious Mouse and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen. The two electronically-minded tracks are rooted in high levels of apprehension and tension. Right away, Precocious Mouse’s ‘you, frame03’ grows in its intensity, the minimal, tight drone bordering on the claustrophobic. There isn’t a lot of space in this particular mainframe, and so it slithers around and occasionally contorts itself, snake-like, to maneuver itself around the sleek, silver pipes. The drone on top is a harbinger; the slow (and yet strangely propulsive) progress cannot be stopped. You can’t outrun this. A lurking anxiety creeps around until it projects itself fully, shaking the underlying bass as it brings its turbulence; a stock market crash, a global economic disaster, an earthquake that triggers a tsunami.

Later on, an anorexic, whistling drone hovers just beneath the surface, venting itself with a series of electronic sighs. Pressing against this with some degree of force is a steely drone that’s cold to the touch. The dark swallows everything, and the drone’s barely visible. And then, all of a sudden, it’s poised and ready to strike. The levitating drone dresses itself in a cool, minimalist outfit, a uniformly silver exterior like that of a well-polished Mercedes-Benz. It drives around the neighborhood, but the roads are small and the streetlights in this borough need some maintenance. Out of a dim constellation, other lights begin to flicker, the sounds coming to life one at a time as the rest of the system is booted up. A circle of ice cycles around the music, rising to the fore and then dropping back again. Clocking in at twenty minutes, [2X10] is a dark trip; enough to break out goosebumps in July.

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  1. says: caleb wood

    Wow! Thanks so much for the great review – it captures the aim of the release perfectly.

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