The Portable Archive Box Set

Sub Loam presents an archaeological companion to the long-out of print debut trilogy of Cotton Goods and Dissolving releases. Originally released between summer 2009 and early autumn 2010 and sold out almost immediately this cycle of cassette based long-form soil-structures has now been compiled along with additional musical sketches and routes and packed into a hand-made box set complete with art prints, poems, texts and a 20 page concrete guidebook.

From the paths and hedgerows, home-brewed radiophonic technique, bedroom visions knitted together with ruderal rudiments. From cassette loop foundations, technological mishaps, analogue concrete 4-track compost. Performed and mixed in live takes. Organically expanded syntheses, allusive and elusive, present and intimate.

Real-time two-track improvised dubwise mixdown: accidents and gentle spiraling, thoughtforms, inspiration and tracing of unfolding topographies as tape unspools past record heads versioned.

Holistic loop cycles, connected to physical processes and interface. Oscillation, breath, ebb and flow of voltage and time perception; rising, falling, stretching outwards. Echoes; Landscape; Vegetation.

Excavated and exhibited long form ambi-tonal poems, detourned old technologies, micro and macro focus, altered perspectives, an obscure world of leaves and oxide re-revealed. Heady visions of the ancient past and utopian futures flowering in the foliate present. An archaic botanical artefact.

The Portable Archive presents subtle but potent chlorocentric imaginational stimuli for listeners new to the recordings as well as those who have been following Sub Loam’s output since these first flickering, green-toned landscape explorations and exploratory ambiences.

Rhythmic footfall, creeping rootstock, vaporous billows, transformational marginalia

Available to pre-order now, ships Autumn Equinox. Direct orders and enquiries to Sub Loam

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