Various Artists – TROJ EP

London based label / collective Colour8 announce an EP in support of the Central European electronic music scene. It features 3 tracks by young talented producers from Slovakia or Czech Republic.

Spanning the spectrum of modern electronic music, from Theydon Boys’ emotional outburst uniting the acoustic and the synthetic, through S I T R A’s Shigeto-inspired chime-filled instrumental hip-hop, to Mt. Accord’s expansive ambient landscapes, this EP showcases the alluring talent hidden in the depths of Central Europe. While at its core experimental and unconventional, this EP is also deeply rooted in the current music scene, drawing inspiration from a spectrum of artists – Shigeto, Mark Pritchard or Nils Frahm to name just a few. All 3 producers begin their journey here and more material is imminent.

Colour8 member Adam Donoval explains: “I come from Slovakia, so it’s only natural that I try to look for compatriots with a similar vision and an interesting sound. Me and the rest of the Colour8 crew had been listening to these three guys specifically, just on their SoundCloud, and worked with them to put this together. It’s a debut official release for all three of them and we are delighted that they are starting on their respective paths with us.”

TROJ is the third of five releases called “Murmurations” which will be made available over the course of summer. Seven artists from across Europe are featured on the series, which explore a spectrum of sounds: from Layo Bell’s raw field recordings and Slovak wunderkind Mt. Accord’s subtle electronics, to label founder CJ Mirra’s ecstatic dance workouts and jazz-tipped brainfeederesque re-twists from Angels In The Architecture – this is an introduction to the beating heart of the collective.

After all Murmurations have been digitally released, we will put them in a special limited box-set. The limited physical run will include a selection of tracks on tape, all content on a USB stick carried by a 3D printed statue, as well as a booklet about the release. A similar box-set made for Colour8’s first release, Space Trix Volume one sold out in just four hours.

Colour8 is a collective and label that launched last year with Volume 1 of the Space Trix Series, an ambient compilation featuring artists such as Mike Slott, Matthew Dear and many others to great critical and artistic acclaim.

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