Evidence of Intense Beauty

Music can be a transformational experience…

Evidence of intense beauty is a series of exquisite compositions from pioneers in the field of ambient microsound and modern classical curated by David Newman from Audiobulb Records. These works are exemplars selected by the artists to represent their conceptual sense of beauty.

This collection brings together the work of artists who are immersed in a broad range of aesthetics. Beauty cannot be predefined but the principal responsibility of the composer is to control the experience of time for the listener and in that time help them discover what resonates within.

Paul Dresher once said that human attention and consciousness works by “holding onto a certain amount of familiarity, and then introducing a certain amount of newness”. This idea brings the hope of an intensely beautiful music. A beauty in what is both endlessly new and evolving becoming incredibly moving. Beauty is the experience of an outstanding and benign emotional impact.

Our audience includes people who actively engage with music and who want to be taken on a journey. Each track takes the ingredients of minimalism coupled with a strong sense of tonality to produce a slowly evolving narrative. We present materials in a way that engages with the listener progressing and enhancing their experience of time.

Artists & Track Listing:

  1. Clem Leek – At The Mercy Of The Waves
  2. Wil Bolton – Slate
  3. sawako – Piano Mist
  4. The OO-Ray – Palimpsests
  5. A Dancing Beggar – There Is Hope Here
  6. Taylor Deupree – Sea Last (Excerpt)
  7. Autistici – Heated Dust On A Sunlit Window
  8. Causeyoufair – There I Lay And Time Imperfections
  9. Richard Chartier – Recurrence (Transparency.Studio) Alternate Passage
  10. Ian Hawgood – Feeling My Way Blindly Back Home
  11. Marcus Fischer – Cascadia Obscura
  12. Melodium – Something You Lost
  13. Monty Adkins – With Small Hands Waving
  14. Porya Hatami – Autumn
  15. Antonymes – 301210
  16. Listening Mirror – Outside Heaven
  17. Pascal Savy – Fading Colours


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