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Andrew Hargreaves and Craig Tattersall (The Boats) will be releasing a special limited edition archival reissue that is a must for fans of their music… And when we say special we mean like super special! A limited edition package of the highest quality that will blow your mind…

Dear Boats fans,

For a few years we have received messages asking if we would reissue our back catalogue. Over ten years of archival material has been stored between Craig’s shed and Andrew’s studio. It has been discussed but always put on hold due to timing, touring, and other project releases; as well as a wedding (Craig and Annabel’s!)

This summer, we sat down together to discuss the possibility of a deluxe reissue. It had to include all the things that we love (beautiful, handcrafted design, limited copies, screen-prints and personal touches) … things we know that you, our fans, appreciate too. One of the main questions we had was, “how do we keep the artistic independence for a special project and not get restrained by label requirements?”

Simple, really! We reissue it ourselves, for our fans, directly to our fans.


We have created a strictly limited number of 98 deluxe box archival reissue sets.
Why only 98?
We have pulled apart the original pianos used to record We Made It For You and Tomorrow Time.
Each deluxe set will include a unique signed piano key.
Minus our personal copies (two each, and one for the boss) it leaves just under 100 to sell.

We will press after pre-sale. That means, we can only press the records after we have sold the 98 sets. If we don’t sell the full amount, you will receive a full refund.

We are however, optimistic that you can support us, and the project can go ahead!

Here are the gifts you will receive… These newly re-mastered recordings:

• Songs By The Sea (Double Vinyl)
• We Made It For You (Vinyl)
• Tomorrow Time (Vinyl)
• Static Clings (Vinyl)
• Lost Ideas Expanded (CD)
• The Boats Live Europe 2006 Bootleg (Cassette)

• A limited, numbered, screen-print with each release, made by our own (fair) hands.
• A designed booklet with each vinyl release.
• A unique piano key from the We Made It For You / Tomorrow Time pianos.
• A piece of the original blueprint artwork from Songs By The Sea.
• Each vinyl will be hand numbered and signed.
• And… your name will be printed in the Lost Ideas booklet as a Boats Patron, to mark your support to the archive reissues.

This is the first time these albums have been released on archival black vinyl with new masters by our friend Miles Whittaker (DEMDIKE STARE).


With such a small release number, they are likely to sell out quickly. The £200 is only a one-time payment for the full archival set and the additional extras. Copies are limited to two per person (for those who like to play/archive). This ensures the deluxe editions only end up with our true fans and not for resale on discogs for £££.

Any questions? You may have them answered here (FAQ). Anything else? Send us a message here.


So many of our fans have become our friends. By supporting our project you support us, to keep on delivering music and merchandise independently. From all ‘the family’ of The Boats, THANK YOU!

Bye for now,

Craig and Andrew

Available from 07.10.16

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