3LEAVES call for submissions

3leaves call for submissions 2017, dramatic photo of mountains and valleys

3LEAVES is a label based in Hungary that has been responsible for releasing some of the most interesting works in the areas of field recording and sound art in recent years, such as Kate Carr’s “Overheard in Do Saket”, Stephen Cornford’s “Music For Earbuds”, and Tristan Louth-Robins’ “The Path Described”. They have now put a call out for demo submissions for potential release in 2017.

As label curator Ákos puts it, reflecting sanguinely on the past year: “changes never stop and we are curious to hear how you have heard, recorded and documented them”.

If you have a field recording-based work that deserves more attention and publicity, be sure to send it to info@3leaves-label.com by 31 December 2016.

3LEAVES label website

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