Alex Kozobolis – Weightless

Weightless is a waterfall of amiable, free-flowing music. Pianist Alex Kozobolis has, in the past, collaborated with artists such as Harry Edwards and Anna Rose Carter, and the tender compositions of Weightless don’t waste any time in unravelling and blossoming. Zesty and thoughtful melodic lines and sparkling phrases repeat their sequences of sensitivity, and Kozobolis brings a bright, flowing approach to his sustained flurries and colourful bursts.

This mini-album moves along at a surprising pace, but despite playing at a quick tempo Kozobolis isn’t in much of a rush; while the notes accelerate, the slow-burning mood deepens. As the music approaches the cooler afterglow of dusk, his light, calming touch has the effect of melting the world; the fluid sound is subconsciously saying ‘slow down’. Kozobolis has a serene, soft and ticklish touch which trickles like a fine outpouring of honey.

Four remixes dissect the EP. The first, a remix of the title track from Tom Adams, adds wintry beats, but interestingly the rhythm doesn’t necessarily increase the energy within the track itself. It was already there to begin with, despite the original not having the stability nor the driving rhythm of the drum. Adding it in doesn’t always inject more verve into a song, but the remix is refreshing. Siavash Amini’s remix of ‘And Find Yourself’ is altogether more atmospheric, where grey, dank cloaks of sound wash over the track, the music skating over a road of black ice and landing in a swamp of wet reverb. At this point the atmosphere fits the dark like a cosy nightgown, but Weightless is much brighter than that; it’s music for innocent daydreaming.

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