Second Edition Festival

Second Edition - Olivia Block performing with a walkie-talkie

Second Edition bills itself as a festival of “other music”, which as far as descriptions go is about as helpful as “miscellaneous”. But who cares about definitions when the line-up is this good?

Mazen Kerbaj
Sarah Hennies
Ikue Mori & Steve Noble
Jeph Jerman & Tim Barnes
Angharad Davies & Tisha Mukarji
Áine O’Dwyer
SAWTOUT — Mazen Kerbaj/Burkhard Beins/Michael Vorfeld
Tetsuya Umeda
Olivia Block
Eliane Radigue — ‘OCCAM OCEAN’ for orchestra, performed by ONCEIM

Yes, that’s all of the above, at one festival spread across three venues, for the not-at-all-unreasonable price of 400SEK for an early bird ticket. An exhibition of Mazen Kerbaj’s drawings will also be held. Curated by the indomitable John Chantler, the festival takes place in the city of Stockholm from 9-12 February 2017, so there’s even a chance you might get some snow.

For fans of adventurous music based in Sweden and beyond, this looks like the perfect way to hear out the last days of winter.

Second Edition festival

Image of Olivia Block by Marcus Moonen

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