Foudre! – Earth

Just like television gives telecommunication and telepathy a free hand, so visual and aural appropriation as a viaduct of consonant and vowel, becomes fruitful. This is basically language, telling someone ‘what is’; how you feel – compost for grammar, with the grammatical differences between everything denoted by the opportunity to build something new.

So, if we see music instead of telly as a viaduct for thoughts and feelings to grow fruit, Foudre! and ‘Earth LP’, coming out of the marvellous Gizeh stable (Farewell Poetry, Shield Patterns, Frederic D. Oberland) comes with a high linguistic recommendation. Dreams have it that SAAAD have collaborated here on this record, with Frederic D. Oberland and Christine Ott, and a new name to me – Mondkopf (translating from Germanic as mouth head).

SAAAD’s composition was always about shaking ground, destroying amenities slowly through the sheer weight of drone. Like a narrative with the Gods of the round table, there is confusion and conundrums aplenty, but on ‘Earth’, a more-than-just colloquial earthing of the power outlet that controls gentrificated feeling. In a nutshell, Ott and Oberland and Mondkopf bring instrumental paucity and sampledelia variance to the errand, while maintaining a high quality level. It does not disappoint, and to me, its a marvellous meeting of minds.

This is a difficult album to compare to, and also for that reason maybe it’s an even better one. The drones are original, much of the production reminds me of Eno’s ‘Discreet Music’, while there is a possible comparison with the two Daniels of drone – heavyweights Ekca Liena (W J Mackenzie) and Thomas Freeman (Rameses III). Not as orchestral, more kosmiche. Not as austere, more with a glimmer of hope. There is also a paradoxical lack of sorrow here, a certain numbness. SAAAD always capitalised that emotiveness in their lexicon, a deep over dark ambient, and likewise there is an impressive kaleidoscope of imagery cross-pollinating from this LP’s hallucinogen effects.

This quickly became a highlight of the last five years for me to listen to. The music is deeply affecting, never trite, with clear statements, brevity, and a beginning, middle and end accordingly. Let us hope there is more to arise from the fogs of procrastination and travel logistics from this group, something that only denies them that ‘Earth’ they may be looking to settle into. This record makes the gruelling massively simple, it’s that good. Well done guys. – Highly recommended!

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