And your night is your shadow — a fairy-tale piece of land to make our dreams…

This emotionally gargantuan release from the quintessentially viable and omnipresently reliable Sub Rosa starts on an unsettlingly serious nod – a feeling of relinquished grief persists throughout the album that feels like poisonous apples falling from a tree. The ever present quaintness of the sounds sourced are delightfully, obliquely measured, drawing comparisons in lighter waters with Three Cane Whale and Merzbow at the bombastic arrythmia end.

What is most amazing is this release is all the work of Oiseaux-Tempete… The palette is so broad and paints a deep masterstroke while your breath flows along with it at varying tempos of pace and intensity. There are scraped bowls, field recordings of a “who, what, when, where” nature. There are brazen electric guitars in the vein of Jesu halfway through. Indeed, it is best known as electronics.

I have no disappointments with the release; the record is a smooth ride through international music, especially Middle East flavoured flora and fortune. There is a lot of keeping to the electroacoustic traditional style. And the most important thing in life is good, and there is plenty of it here. While the repertoire for Sub Rosa could have a sub menu for less likely music, and something from the aether to defy logic, cohesive connectors are essential to victory. The meaning here, exemplified.


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