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Stephan Mathieu’s twelve-month RADIANCE project continues apace, with the latest installment being inspired by the work of American composer Morton Feldman. Mathieu explains:

In 2009 I visited a matinée performance of ‘Coptic Light’, one of Morton Feldman’s late compositions played by a 110-piece version of the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie conducted by Emilio Pomarico. I had a perfect seat, center of a large terrace, from where I experienced this massive cloud of sound as if it was emerging from a huge valley. With my piece ‘Feldman’ I’ve tried to recreate this moment.

“RADIANCE IX: FELDMAN” is an entropic system for percussion, strings and loudspeakers, commissioned by the Earle Brown Music Foundation, New York in celebration of Morton Feldman’s 90th Birthday.

Hear it here on Fluid Radio prior to its release on Sunday 5 February:




Image by Caro Mikalef for Cabina

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