Francis M. Gri & Giulio Aldinucci – Segmenti

‘Segment'” starts well… a wind tunnel of drone life in lieu to the swirls of atmosphere on ‘Faglie’. Enter choral singing in this networking site, a bubble of conditional bucolic behaviour that paradoxes anhedonia (the inability to experience pleasure). ‘Segmenti’ is an LP of drone-fugue, a ligonier point beyond sacred realms where repetition and oblivion can play equal hands with mirth and absolution. The angelic harmonies lift everything above dirge-y vinyl platter, and for this reason the record succeeds in its instrumental leverage as a beacon for the wounded. Dreamy textures pad out the soundscapes, and like ‘Colonne Di Fumo’ by Federico Mosconi before it, sound waves are therapeutic.

Texturally, plenty evolves through anti-destruction swirls. It could hence be argued swirling textures are a bedrock of ambient music when things are going good. Closing piece ‘Divisi’ is a generative swirl with a will ‘o the wisp chant wit, an allegory of stretched out phonetic alliteration that layers over each note like a blanket for a newborn infant. In this descriptive nature, the album is probably the most child and adolescent-friendly ambient record by the KrysaliSound label for some time… their last few were darker than this in general, more nascent, hazy experiences. Given room to stretch out in less cluster and more monolith behaviour in relation to linear and cosine drones, we have this, a fine album.

Highly recommended music, a joy to listen to, ‘Segmenti’ is felt in the chest when it climaxes and ebbs away. And although the music is powerful, it is never too powerful on your mental operating system. It’s quite contemplative, too. Like the best contemplation, there is a constant glimmer of hope offset by austerity natural in neutrality. The sound feels noble, feels likeable, instantly. You enter the ‘Segmenti… you enter infinity.

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