James Place – Voices Bloom

How do you reply to techno music with a deconstructionist bent towards society? The lyrics on James Place’s ‘Voices Bloom’ act in this way, like candy to a baby they create a hyperactive drive for the sweet soul sensations of taste and plunder. With an opening track narrated on samples involving brotherhoods of people, and how everyone is figuratively your ‘brother’, the music takes on a less solipsist, lonely quality from the start. We fly into a cybernetic wildfire, and the mental hemisphere contracts…

Umor Rex have certainly made a good signing here. ‘Move In Blue’ reminds of Burial’s ‘Southern Comfort’ era woodblock dub. The piston-precision and monotony of thought disordered techno is replaced with an organic clicky chirrup, a monkey head scratch that is endearingly primal. In Umor lies a rumour mill of flowing ideas, anti-gentrification of the foundations of house music and the bleeding of electronic primitives. This is sound that speaks a sensuous language with grip on the hypothetical musique concrete mural ethic. Long mellifluous synthesiser lines pad out the release and speak of illustration depths.

‘Rumour And Choir’ also brings to mind Actress to end at two comparisons, and valid signposts they need to be, because Place has forged an enigma gem. The album careens the best elements of slow-build, slow-fast 160bpm lower tempo disfigured jungle and footwork and reinvents it for an excel spread ratio that is fully in line with how techno can bore into the brain. ‘Voices Bloom’, creates a new dimension to the cranium shutdown, the mind is on the E’s of futurity through sheer information amnesia, lacular amnesia at that. This keyhole protocol James Place has to incise into the cultural super-brain ideologue, is a fine example of how deconstructionist art doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel.


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