Emseatee – Sebastian Reynolds Rework

Photo by Masataka Nakano, courtesy of Arakawa + Gins Tokyo Office

Sebastian Reynolds’ Reversible Destiny Remix of Four by Emseatee was created during a research residency in the Reversible Destiny Lofts, In Memory of Helen Keller, Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan. Designed and built by artist/architect duo Arakawa and Madeline Gins, the lofts are constructed to enable the occupier to interrupt and transcend the body and mind’s natural tendency to go towards dying. The Reversible Destiny Remix reflects Arakawa/Gins’ lofty aspirations, and has an atmosphere that evokes the hazy heat of the Tokyo sun. The remix will be included on The Nostos Remixes, alongside various reworks of Emseatee’s material, released on 21st July 2017.

Emseatee is the musical moniker of Leigh Redding, originating from the phonetic spelling of the letters MCT which is an initialisation of the producer’s first ever foray into digital music at the age of 6 through the use of a binary based Science Fair toy named ‘Micro Computer Trainer’. Following on from the first two releases, which received plaudits from the likes of John Digweed and Nadia Struiwigh, ‘The Nostos Remixes collects a variety of styles and disciplines to create an ambient based final foray into the concept of nostalgia.

Sebastian Reynolds is a producer, sound artist and multi instrumentalist from Oxford, UK. He has recently been performing with acclaimed German chamber musicians Anne Müller and Alex Stolze as part of the Solo Collective project, and following a series of sold out performances in Germany the trio will be touring the UK in Autumn 2017, and releasing their debut record, Solo Collective 1 via Nonostar Records.The artist residency in the Reversible Destiny Lofts was part of a Neon Dance research residency for their new contemporary work Puzzle Creature, for which Sebastian has been commissioned to produce the score.


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