A Thing Heard: Sound Art on Tour

I think we’ve pretty much moved on from the whole ‘is it music or is it gallery art?’ question regarding sound art, with most people happy to accept that it could be either, or neither, or both, depending on the work in question and on the context. It’s nonetheless interesting to hear about artists “working in the field of sound art” choosing to present their work in a format that is distinctly musical, if not downright rock ‘n roll: as a live concert tour. That’s the premise behind “A Thing Heard: Four Ways of Listening”, offering four different sound works at eleven different venues on consecutive dates throughout August.

Jordan Edge’s ‘Acclimate’ is a temperature-reactive sound installation that uses industrial fans and loudspeakers to explore the physical and psychological effects of noise on the human body. A bespoke sonic table is used to embody the ‘otherness’ of the human voice in Joseph Higgins’ electro-acoustic composition and sound installation ‘Many Gods, Many Voices’. In Joshua Legallienne’s ‘Action Without Action’, a series of kinetic sculptures produce acoustic sound without the use of loudspeakers, electronics, or conventional sources of energy. Charles Pender’s ‘Maelström’ is an immersive multi-channel installation using surface transducers to propagate sound into suspended sheets of metal.

This sounds like a great opportunity to experience four different approaches to sculptural, sonically-driven art in an intriguing concert format. The above video taster suggests contrasting considerations of sonic objecthood and ways of handling the notion of sound art performance.

August 2017 dates:
01/08 // BRIGHTON // Onca Gallery web
04/08 // LONDON // Iklectik web
07/08–09/08 // STOCKTON // The Auxiliary (residency)
11/08 // GATESHEAD // Workplace Gallery
13/08–14/08 // EDINBURGH // Interview Room 11 (exhibition)
15/08 // CUMBRIA // TBC
16/08 // LEEDS // Wharf Chambers, Middle Floor web
18/08 // BRISTOL // Brunswick Club
20/08 // LONDON // Ace Hotel, Miranda Club
25/08 // BERLIN // Spektrum
27/08–29/08 // BERLIN // Modular+ (exhibition)

Image: Jordan Edge’s ‘Acclimate’

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