You Are The Light

We are thrilled to be hosting the first in an infrequent series of film investigations featuring exclusive recordings that also coincides with the new TLO Box Set…

Spread across six sides of vinyl ‘Solar Light Emissions’ represents Tape Loop Orchestra’s largest project to date.

Recorded between 2014-2017 the trilogy forms an investigative arch, beginning with creation mythology, how to attune our minds with the higher frequencies, and finally what is waiting outside of bodily existence.

A deluxe limited edition archival box set, containing exclusives CD’s, styled artwork and information booklet, signed and numbered by TLO Andrew Hargreaves.

Deluxe box contents:
Solar Lunar LP
In Our Light LP
Illuminating Emissions LP

Deluxe box exclusives:
Solar Lunar Light CD
The Invisibles (Alternate version) CD

Information booklet (Signed and numbered)
Art booklet

Pre-order here

  • Video by Tarik Hanif & Andrew Hargreaves

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