Unconscious Archives Festival

New work by Stephen Cornford featured in the exhibition Emotion and the Technobody, amoeba-like shapes on a pink background with piercing vertical and horizontal lines.

Unconscious Archives present a festival of music, live art, and experimental media in London later this month, and boy does the programme look good. The theme of the festival, curated by founder and artist Sally Golding, is materiality and embodied liveness.

Three nights of live performances include the return of Myriam Bleau’s ‘Soft Revolvers’ to the UK alongside sound-and-light magic from Mariska de Groot and Leafcutter John; an “enlivened club night” featuring brainy beats from Ziúr, self-built electronic noise from Ewa Justka, and turbulent bass from Spatial; and an evening of live film, digital art, and performance with James Holcombe & Secluded Bronte, Esperanza Collado , Foxy Moron, and Jörg Piringer.

The Austrian Cultural Forum will host an exhibition titled “Emotion + the Tech(no)body”, which sets out to consider our cultural and emotional attachment to data and the relationship of our bodies to technology. Sound art, experimental film, software programming, laboratory culture, sculpture, radio, ephemeral art, instrument building and post internet art all feature. Artists participating in the exhibition include Stephen Cornford, Benedict Drew, Graham Dunning, Audrey Samson, Christine Schörkhuber, and Ulla Rauter.

Live events take place between 24–30 September 2017, with the exhibition running from 21 September–17 November.

Unconscious Archives Festival website

Image: still from new video work by Stephen Cornford, showing as part of the exhibition “Emotion + the Tech(no)body”

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