Gregg Kowalsky – L’Orange L’Orange

Gregg Kowalsky, aka one half of Date Palms with Marielle Jakobsons embarks on his next solo record here: a diligently executed and inspired exercise in the heatwave of pure tone synthesis records since 1950 dhrupad raga hit Laraaji and Ocean Of Sound writer David Toop…

Although the music is perfectly considered and nevertheless antecendent of drone construction, something about the exotic, fruity simile-soundscapes produces an ontological foundation for inspiring repeat earworming. It’s as if the state of things when listening can be pierced by a more negative bygone phase, but the music does not allow for that.

I find myself transported back to a sticky seventies kosmiche house party. This effect bodes fantastically for the meaning of the music. The technique to play a long hand stroke over the keys, and stretch this, so to fill an entire exothermic state, is spectacularly realised by the context of drone fixation throughout the album.

The metre changes and placement on “Maliblue Dream Sequence” is extremely well done for all the elements this contrives in the aspect of octatonic mode. If the album holding your attention for the duration might be the most neutral compliment to make, all the same the stoicness of it is savourable in a fashion of sufferage with attention span.

Gregg Kowalsky has produced a commendable work in every respect. Where some writers could be tempted to throw an unnatural spanner in the works, the record flows smoothly from beginning to end with a beautiful ease from a bewitching talent. Highly recommended!

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