Born On Christmas Day

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the overwhelming support throughout 2017. I know we always say it, but we really have been blown away by your kind words and encouragement. You guys are seriously awesome! Also a huge respect to all the artists involved with the record label this year; Caught In The Wake Forever, Hotel Neon, Irving Park, Matteo Uggeri, Aaron Martin, øjeRum, Norihito Suda, Steven Kemner, Craig Tattersall, Lizzie King, Andrew Hargreaves, Nieves Mingueza, James Plotkin, Ian Hazeldine, Ian Hawgood, Taylor Deupree, Gideon Wolf, Aaron Martin, Leonardo Rosado and Bill Seaman. Not forgetting our wonderful Fluid Radio contributors; Nathan Thomas, James Catchpole, Brendan Moore, Charles Sage, Gianmarco Del Re, Pascal Savy, Ian Hawgood, John Boursnell, Mick Buckingham, Phil Vanderyken, Steve Dewhurst, Todd Gruel and William Barns-Graham.

Born On Christmas Day…

Dan locked himself away for a few hours late last night composing an exclusive mix taken from the 2018 Fluid Audio / Facture release roster. Artists included are: Jason van Wyk, Ben Chatwin, Humble Bee, Marconi Union, Antonymes, Peter Jørgensen, Tape Loop Orchestra, Cameron Day, Dalot & Sound Awakener, Giuseppe Cordaro, James Murray, Kirill Mazhai, Moss Covered Technology and The Seaman & The Tattered Sail.

Headphones advised!

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  1. says: Anthony Childs

    I love this mix. I would love to know who the artist(s) is (are) beginning around the 1 hour mark. I left a comment on Soundcloud but there was no reply. Track list please and thank you!

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